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About Effigy  

Effigy was born in 2004 out of the idea that with the continually improving specification and ever lowering cost of digital audio-visual and computer equipment it would be viable to produce good quaility multi-angle live music DVDs with a lower budget than had ever previously been possible. All the Effigy team enjoy watching live bands in small club and pub type venues. We have watched a lot of great permormances from bands playing in these smaller venues which for the most part were not being captured on video. So coupling these two factors together we felt the niche we would like to establish for Effigy was to develop techniques that would allow us to capture such performances with relatively limited resources.

We were able to try and test our ideas with the help of our friends the Welsh band MAN who gave us carte blanche to film any of their shows. This allowed us to establish and develop the techniques that we now use to produce DVDs.

Thing didnt work out exactly as we envisaged though. For a start we soon ended up filming in quite large venues, including The Carvin Jones Band playing to 2,000 people at the 2007 Skegness Blues Festival and Man playing to a similarly large audience at the Cambridge Rock Festival.

We also realised as time went on that we would have to invest a lot more in our equipment than originally anticipated to achieve the results that we wanted to. 2008 in particular has seen a large investment in our inventory with 3 professional video cameras, improved multitrack audio recording facilities and an upgrade to professional fluid head video tripods.

For more information on the equipment we are currently using please check out our equipment page.